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This is all about helping you; not running off with money we didn’t well earn.

We can’t guarantee that our work will bring you greater results, since the key elements in, and the execution of, the plan we help you create will come from you and your team.

But we do guarantee the quality and competence of our work. If at any time you believe that we’ve not delivered a high-quality service, you can expect a prompt refund.

Also, in the spirit of promptness, if a session is not all you expect, you’ll know, right then and there. So in order for us to honor your refund request, we ask that you tell us about it within 2 business days, or before your next session, whichever is sooner. This means that we won’t honor claims for consecutive-day sessions, unless we’re notified on the first of those days that the session, or your results guide (your instructor and facilitator), was not acceptable.

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