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How to Get Your Revenue Up, 
 Even in the Recession
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Numbers Up Now! A Half or Full-day Revenue Turnaround Workshop

It’s a scary time to be running a business. Demand’s down in the recession, and with it, revenue. But your competitors still have revenue, and you can get some of theirs.

The Workshop’s Results…

We recently gave the half-day version of the Numbers Up Now! workshop for a group of 6 CEOs, who’d been running their companies for at least ten years. They found an average revenue increase of 25%. Excluding the CEO who found a 90% revenue increase (essentially a whole new service that he could just offer to his existing customers that they’d jump at), the group’s average revenue gain was 15%.

How Your Company Can Boost Revenue:

  • Get customers and prospects to like you better
  • In other words, improve how customers and prospects feel about your business, your brands and what you offer. Those feelings have made the company’s revenue what it is today—because people decide to buy, buy again and refer their friends, or not, based on them.

    If your company can get just a few percent more of your prospects to choose what you offer over your competitors’ offerings and a few percent more of your customers to buy again soon, and refer their friends, what would it do for your revenue (and profits)?

    In the workshop, you’ll discover the 3 essential elements of getting customers to like you better and work on how to get them to buy more often and recommend you to their friends.

  • Beef up your value propositions and the promises behind your brands
  • You’ll discover powerful new ways to strengthen your value propositions (without cutting prices) and how to make your brands truly compelling. So your prospects and customers say, That’s for me!

  • Communicate the value of what you offer in the most persuasive way possible
  • You’ll experience a marketing message that got 100% of those who heard it to buy. Then we’ll work on getting your marketing messages closer to that ideal and you’ll understand how to make that happen, again and again.

    Workshop Details

    Numbers Up Now! sessions are in-house, for a half or a full-day, as appropriate. And they’re fully guaranteed. If we don’t find a way to increase your revenue, the workshop fee will be refunded.

    What to Do Next…

    How much revenue are you losing every day that the recession drags on? By carrying out what you discover in this workshop, you can take control of when the pain ends and "the sun comes out" over your business.

    If you have questions, or want to schedule your Numbers Up Now! workshop, please call Drew Morris at (732) 671-6660 .

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