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Results Best Practices-for Executives
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Results Consulting and Coaching

Here we help individual CEOs, Division Heads and General Managers figure out how to create the highest possible profitability, revenue growth and economic/shareholder value from their businesses. And to become skilled in using a powerful new set of tools and perspectives that will let them do so again and again. More

How to Create Zealous Customers

These in-person presentations/workshops lay out a unique perspective on how a company can create customers that just don’t leave, and who will enthusiastically recommend what you offer. They reveal the 3 necessary elements and provide the basis for zealous-customer initiatives and calls to action by senior executives. More

How to Increase Revenue in the Recession

3 Simple, Low-cost Actions Executives Can Take to Boost Revenue (and Profits) Now

Your revenue might be down in the recession. But your competitors still have revenue. And you can get some of theirs. You’ll discover exactly how to go about it in this new half-day Numbers Up Now! workshop and emerge with a specific plan of action.

We gave the half-day version of this workshop for a group of 6 CEOs, who’d been running their companies for at least ten years. They found an average revenue increase of 25%. Excluding the CEO who found a 90% revenue increase (essentially a whole new service that he could just offer to his existing customers that they’d jump at), the group’s average revenue gain was 15%.

We also offer a full-day version of the workshop. In it, we’ll spend the afternoon identifying and assessing the underappreciated or overlooked assets in your business—finding those you can tap to increase both revenue and profits, now. It’s like a stimulus plan, specifically for your business, that you design with our help. More on our Numbers! Up Now! workshop

Increasing Profits, Revenue Growth and Economic Value, Long Term

These longer programs are designed to help executives build their “results muscles,” the skills needed to deliver notably higher profits, revenue growth and economic value.

Our enterprise-wide program, Maximum Results, is for large and mid-size companies that are serious about creating such results. It will also interest those companies’ boards.

The others, The Fortune Finder and its follow-on, Results Masters, are tailored for the executive who runs one of the company’s businesses (or its only business), often called a general manager.

Our programs are given right in your business—the approach is to learn by using. You’ll apply what you learn to your business right then and there. So the skills and lessons will sink in and stick, and your business will benefit right away.




Maximize the financial performance of a large/ mid-size company on a sustained basis.

Maximum Results
(our enterprise program)

For mid-size and large public and private companies that want to maximize their entire company’s profits, revenue growth and value. The CEO, COO, CFO, division heads and general managers all participate.

The program’s based on the framework laid out in our Chief Executive magazine article, Leading Your Business to Maximum Results.

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Get the best possible results from a single business and hone the results-creation skills of the company’s general managers.

The Fortune Finder SM

General managers of businesses with at least $25 million (US) in revenue learn how to find their best ways to boost results and beat tough results targets.

It teaches one of the main tools in our Chief Executive magazine article, Leading Your Business to Maximum Results.

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Results Masters ®

Results Masters is our comprehensive program for general managers. It begins with The Fortune Finder and adds how to:

  • Find the best ways to grow, long term.
  • Craft lasting competitive advantages.
  • Maximize the business’s wealth-creation potential.

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