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How to Create Zealous Customers
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What if your customers just wouldn’t buy from anyone else and spontaneously told the world that you’re wonderful? Some companies have these zealous customers. It’s not magic. You can have them, too.

You first have to want them. Really. And be willing to invest the energy required.

Once that’s settled, you need to be clear on how to go about it.

That’s where we can help. The presentations we offer will help your company develop a clear path to creating a zealous customer base.

How a Zealous Customers Initiative Works

The most effective way to bring a zealous-customers initiative into your company is to begin with a presentation and discussion session for your senior executive team.

Our in-person presentation will reveal the 3 necessary elements of getting customers to feel the zeal. We’ll put it simply and at the gut level. So that everyone will “get,” deep down, what it takes to create and sustain that zeal. And they’ll carry those lessons with them for the duration.

The executive session will create clarity about how the company should go about it: themes, specific actions, responsibilities, etc. In essence, we’ll co-create a program that fits your customers, brand, values and culture.

With the program designed, we’ll help your senior team introduce it, company wide, in one, or a set of, presentations.

To be clear, this is a major initiative and a major transformation. Senior management’s full commitment and ongoing championing is essential.

The Rewards

Consider the revenue effect of improved:

  • Prospect perceptions of your company and what you offer.
  • Customer retention.
  • Frequency of purchase.
  • Referral rates.

Another big reason to start a zealous-customers initiative is the energy and sense of purpose in your workforce that the program will create. Doing great things for customers jazzes most people up (because the appreciation comes right back) and brings meaning to their worklife.

Next step

If you have questions or would like to arrange a presentation, please call Drew Morris at (732) 671-6660.

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