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The Maximum Results Program
for Large and Mid-Size Companies

This program is designed for public and private companies run by management teams who are serious about maximizing their profits, revenue growth and their company’s worth. In addition to benefitting the company and its owners during the program, it leaves the executive team with the ability to deliver maximum results year after year.

How do those maximum results come about? In our CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine series, Leading Your Business to Maximum Results, we pose three questions that executives have to answer in order to have any hope of delivering maximum results:

  1. What are we being scored on? What mix of increased profits versus revenue growth do your owners/investors expect? Once those expectations are taken into account by senior management, results targets can be set for the general managers who run each of the company’s businesses.
  2. What should we do to maximize our score? What handful of actions should the general managers take to maximize their contribution to the company’s score? That is, which actions are their best shots?
  3. What’s the most effective way to increase the economic value of our company?

Questions 1 and 2 are about delivering the best possible operating results. Question 3 is about managing risk, prudent use of capital and sage management of your company’s portfolio of businesses. It’s also about managing with the same economic-value metric your investors use—so you can see what they see, and manage accordingly.

The article presents tools, some new, for addressing each of the 3 questions.

In the Maximum Results program, we’ll:

  • Make sure that all of your executives are crystal clear on the article’s framework and how they’ll use it in their roles.
  • Help them learn, and get good, at using the tools. Mainly this involves taking each general manager and their team through The Fortune Finder SM, and if so desired, our more comprehensive Results Masters ® program.
  • Work closely with your company’s point person to ensure the framework’s successful implementation.

A Next Step

This program will be rewarding for your executives, your company, your owners and your employees. It’s also an initiative that requires commitment, from both your company and Great Numbers! A sensible next step would be an exploratory conversation. Please contact us to schedule it by calling (732) 671-6660 weekdays between 9 AM and 5:30 PM Eastern (US) time or by sending an email to

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