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The Results Mindset
Results Best Practices-for Executives
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Our management tools and training programs have their roots in four key beliefs and observations…

  1. It's About Results. The purpose of a business is to create an economic return for its owners. Achieving that means paying attention to customers, employees, suppliers, materials, processes, laws, etc. But ultimately, it's about honestly achieved, sustainable results, produced without harm.
  2. There are those for whom achieving the same results they did "last time" is fine, e.g. some small business owners. Especially those who are doing well, and who are not looking to sell their businesses any time soon.

    But for most of us, it's do better, often much better, than last time. This pressure to increase results pervades public companies, those funded by private equity and other private companies for which the owners and executives have big plans.

    Creating ever higher results from a business is why companies have executives. Who else can make that happen?

  3. There's more, that is, increased profits and greater growth. In most every business, and in every management team, there are greater results to be had—increased prosperity for the business and (usually) for the people who run it. But oftentimes, some of the good opportunities for getting that more— are either passed over in the press of business, or their potential goes unappreciated because it hasn't been fully explored.
  4. It's almost always possible to raise the level of results a business delivers, because there are now ways to dramatically improve the haphazard process of figuring out how to do that. Ways that form the core of our programs.

  5. Now You Can Get This More. Many executives have worked on how a business can improve its results—using their favorite technique(s): processes, technology, cost management, etc. What's been missing was a way to figure out which of those techniques would work well in a particular business.
  6. Now we know how to do that. We call the technique Insight-Based Management.

  7. Boosting Profits and Growing Revenue is a skill. That is, it's something that executives can get better and better at.
  8. Honing this skill requires tackling the questions the best executives ask:

    "What are the best things I can do to boost profits and near-term revenue growth?"
    "What's the best way to grow my business long term?"
    "What will my sustainable competitive advantage(s) be?"
    "Are there other markets I should pursue?"
    A hard (to ask) question, "How good is my improved business at creating wealth?"
    And the even harder, "Do I need to (and will I) address this?"
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