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February 14, 2007
Results Best Practices-for Executives
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Feb. 14, 2007

New Management Tool Creates Solid Results Gains

Implications for Investors and Executives

Teleclasses Forming Now

A new management tool lets executives discover their best shots for boosting profits and revenue growth. The general manager of a booming $22 million division used it to find 6 actions he could take that would increase its $3.6 million in operating profits by 147% over 3 years. They would also raise its revenue growth rate from 30 to 44% per year, while lifting its operating profit margin from 16 to 23%. Free overview teleclasses now scheduled.


In trying to figure out how to hit their latest results targets, executives ask themselves, "What should I do?" Until now, there hasn't been a good way to figure that out. So executives do something(s) they believe will work, based on experience or intuition. Then they get "numbers stress," hoping that what they've picked will produce their target results. Often it does. But they and their shareholders are still seriously shortchanged.

Because it's the wrong question. The better one: "What are my best shots—the things I can realistically do that will boost my results the most?" Depending on what drives the value of their business, the most important result could be a gain in profit, in revenue, or a mix of the two. By addressing this better question, executives won't be leaving the increased value their business could have, on the table.

The Yawning Gap in Management Practice…

"The lack of a way to find these best shots is a yawning gap in management practice," said Drew Morris, founder of Great Numbers!, an executive development company in Red Bank, NJ. "At many companies, 'Here are your targets; you'll figure out how to hit them,' is their results process. And to be fair, it's all we've had, until now…"

Morris observed that progress in management has brought us more than 60 honest ways to boost results. These are actions that an executive or executive team can take: things like optimizing prices, improving product or service design and purchase compelling (not merely entertaining) advertising.

Great Numbers! has developed a new management tool that lets executives discover the handful of these actions that are their best shots. The best shots for one business might do little for another, because each business has its own opportunities, talents, resources, challenges and financial characteristics.

Finding These Best Shots Matters a Lot

Morris said, "We worked with Roger, a talented general manager who had taken the US division of a traditional marketing and distribution company from zero to $22 million in 6 years. A well-run business. Yet he found 6 actions (his best shots) that together would increase its $3.6 million in operating profits by 147% over 3 years, lift its 30% annual revenue growth rate to 44% and its operating profit margin from 16 to 23%. These considerable gains, in an already well-run business, came from a better results process."


Now there's a tool executives can use to help them deliver better results, with less "numbers stress." Companies who use it in all of their businesses will be able to report the combined improvements, pleasing owners and investors. And the ability to use the tool is a teachable skill; one that can fast-forward an executive's career.

Upcoming Overview Teleclasses

Beginning in March at 8pm Eastern time, and thereafter as time permits, Mr. Morris will give evening overview teleclasses on this new tool. They're titled Beating Tough Results Targets—for good reason. General managers, their CEOs and business-unit heads can see upcoming teleclass dates and enroll at (The tool is not designed for companies in financial services. And it won't work for companies where the only thing that matters to their results is whether they have "a hit," like a blockbuster drug, a must-have tech product, or a movie or song that everyone wants.)

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Great Numbers! ® has come to understand that an executive's ability to increase the results and enhance the value of their business is a teachable skill. Our Results Masters ® program helps executives hone that skill and provides the needed tools.

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