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Results Best Practices-for Executives
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How to Deliver the Best Numbers Possible

By Learning How to Find Your Best Shots

You’re an executive who has to meet a set of tough results targets. Could be profits, revenue growth, or both.

You (and your boss or the board) are hoping that you’ll “figure out” how to meet them. Though necessary, at least up to now, these targets cause problems.

  • Numbers stress—that gnawing “what if I don’t meet them” feeling that can disrupt your sleep and make you grumpy, or at least not wildly popular with those close to you.
  • Under this pressure, you can overlook things that will really boost results.
  • For many of you, numbers stress is not a whole lot of fun. So is not meeting your targets.

There’s a powerful new way get out from under this stress, and meet, even beat your targets—without monkey business.

There are 3 ways to boost results:

  1. Get lucky. We’ve all seen this happen. Demand rises. Supply shrinks. Your product or service becomes “fashionable.” But luck is like a cat—it doesn’t always come when you call it.
  2. Do something—that is, take some action. But what action (or actions)? There are more than 60 honest management actions that will boost the profits and grow the revenues of a business. Actions like…
    • optimizing prices
    • selling better
    • enhanced customer care
    • better designed products/services, and so on.

    The actions you take can amount to not much, or a whole lot—depending on which ones you pick. For example, you could cut administrative staff, or develop a blockbuster ad campaign.

  3. Find and take your best shots—that handful of actions that will best boost your results, and that you know you can pull off.

What Finding Your Best Shots Can Bring…

We worked with a talented executive who had taken the US division of an international marketing and distribution company from zero to $22 million in 6 years. It was clearly a well-run business. Yet this executive found 6 actions that together would, over 3 years

  • increase profits another 147%,
  • add 14% to its 30% annual growth rate and
  • boost its operating profit margin from 16 to 23%.

These 6 actions were his “best shots.”And he had only seriously considered doing 3 of them.

What are the best shots you can take to boost results in your business? We can tell you that they’re different for every business, because each has different financial characteristics, offerings, opportunities, talents and constraints.

But we’ve come to realize that choosing the best things you can do is the most important thing you can do. Even more important than going to that next meeting.

Finding your “best shots” takes insight, which you can get from a simple analysis. We’ll tell you how you can learn the technique in a moment.

But consider what happens to the careers of executives who master this skill? If you were in that category:

  • Would “someone upstairs” notice?
  • Would a better set of next opportunities seem to “find you?”
  • Would you be looking at bigger future?
  • How would that affect your lifetime earnings potential?
  • And the level of fun you have at work?

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Beating Tough Results Targets Teleclass

These are single-session, 1 hour classes. (The classes are largely similar, though some have an industry emphasis.) The class focuses primarily on showing general managers and other executives how they can find their best shots, and boost their results.

These executives run a single business, rather than a portfolio of businesses as would a CEO. (An example of such a single business would be the skin-care division of a large consumer-products company.)

Why a Single Business??

The single-business focus is used because in the follow-on work, we’ll focus intensively on that business’s customer- value proposition, and how it’s communicated.

But an overview of the technique and its concepts, like profit power, will prove useful to those who run multi-business divisions and to CEOs.

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