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Background on Great Numbers! LLC

Big idea: A best practice we’ve developed now makes it possible to maximize the financial performance of large and mid-size companies.

What we do: We teach executives how to use the tools that underpin the best practice. In essense, we’re like a performance-driving school where executives hone their skills at boosting results by getting their arms around the tools and the framework for using them.

How we do it: Please see our article in Chief Executive magazine, and our programs, for more.

Foundations: You can learn out more about the foundations of our work, including Insight-Based Management here.

The company: For where we’re going, and the principles we sail by (mission/vision), please go here. We’re now in discussion with firms who can deliver our best-practice training programs on a wide scale.

Management: Finally, you can learn about our management here.

For more information: Please contact us as shown below.

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