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Gold Line

Most everyone who runs a business wants to deliver better results. And some have to—or else. Try as they may, by cutting costs, running sales, etc., what comes of their efforts often disappoints. Not the best way for them to show how good they are at running that business…

But there is, hiding in plain sight, a powerful new way to boost results…

Every business advertises, which can lead to much higher sales if done just right. Every business sells to customers, who will never buy from anyone else if they're treated just right. And every business can make what it offers just the right thing to attract more prospects.

These are three of the 13 ways for a business to prosper, by closing the gaps between what the business does now, in areas like the above, and what it could do.

Because those gaps (in gold, in the image at left) are where the business's prosperity is hiding.

Each forms an element of the business's upside…

The Book…

The Upside Within Reach takes readers on a deep exploration of these gaps, to discover the few addressable upside elements that will best boost their results. Then it helps readers form them into a prosperity design, a specific plan for delivering on all that potential.

It turns out that this is fun work, clearly rewarding, and a big relief from the stress of trying to boost results in the same old ways.

The Author

The author is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive Magazine and the invited co-author of its annual Wealth Creation Index of the S&P 500 CEOs. He is the founder and CEO of Great Numbers! LLC.

The Book Is Still in Preparation

The book is in preparation, but if you're in a results-challenged situation now, or just itching for better results, you're welcome to contact us using the form below and we'll provide the material and advice we can.

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