The Upside Map below is for an example business. It shows the relative gains in financial results to be had by tapping the upside elements shown.

Upside Map

In the map, the lower portions of the bars, not to scale, represent the financial results of an example business as it's now operating. The top-most bars show the relative gain in those results if the initiative shown on the bar is fully realized.

For example, the leftmost pair of bars shows that if the business got every customer to never buy from anyone else, for as long as they lived, financial results over the long run would rise noticeably. As we'll see in the book, achieving that is not all that hard, but it does require leadership—particularly, the ability to inspire.

Also notice that for this business, the potential of squeezing costs out (6th bar from the left) and model management practices (2nd bar from right) have lower potential gains than the others. That's because those areas of improvement have been well worked over (which is pretty normal) so there's not as much potential improvement left.

The main point is that this business still has a great deal of unrealized upside potential. And a mere 1% change in sales, or profit margin, can move a public company's stock.

The upside map is a way to discover what a business is really capable of creating in terms of financial results. As you can see, there are a number of upside elements, any one of which can provide a substantial boost. Most of them have far more room for improvement than most everyone recognizes, as will be made clear in the book.

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