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Your Intangible Assets
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An Undertapped Source of Better Results

Today many executives face sinking demand, rising costs, or both. Getting more from your intangible assets can help you keep results up.

Your intangible assets are often one of the most powerful sources of better results, because:

  • Unlike production operations, many of them haven't been fully optimized.
  • The range of possible improvement is much larger and it's easier to leverage them further. For example, how your customers feel about your company and its brands can span a very broad spectrum. Yet making even small improvements in their perceptions can dramatically increase revenue and, with it, profitability (more on this below).

Finally, you can get quick improvements from some of these assets, as we'll see.

The July 2008 CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine report on their Intangible Assets CEO Roundtable showed a mind map we developed of the areas you can tap for greater results. The map shows a lot of different possibilities. We want to give you a sense of the power of 4 of them.

A link to the map will be the first in a series of 5 short daily emails. In the next 4, we'll show you how to get more a lot more out of:

1. Your customers

You can glue your customers to your company by being about two little words. When your company embraces them, they'll drive repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals, forever.

2. Your offerings

Simple ways to make what you offer more compelling.

3. Your people

How you can light a fire inside your people, instead of trying to light one under them.

4. Your management practices

There are new, repeatable and

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completely above board ways to maximize profitability, revenue growth and the economic value of your company. You and your fellow executives can get good at using them.

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