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Here's what a booming business got from finding their upside, best described in the words of Roger, its president...

"We consider ourselves to be a well-run business. We're the $22 million US division of a prosperous international private company. That belief was born out in putting our business through Great Numbers! new process for finding ways to boost results. Even though we're well managed, their process 6 identified ways to take our division, and our company, to a whole new level in terms of the profits and revenue growth we can deliver.

Our division is currently growing at 30% per year, with an operating profit margin of 16%. Great Numbers! work with us identified a set of 6 specific actions that together will boost our revenue growth rate by 14.5% annually over the next 36 months, while raising profits by 147% and increasing our operating profit margin to 23%. We're now taking the first steps to implement those initiatives.

In essence, the process allowed us to choose the most powerful things that we as a company could do to boost our results over the next few years, and focus on them. Prior to this, I had a substantial goal to boost our business. But frankly, I didn't have a very clear picture of how we were going to get there. Now I have what I call a map-what we need to do to not only get to that goal, but to go beyond and to essentially get us very close to our full potential.

In finding the best ways to increase our results, we looked at our business and its opportunities from every conceivable angle. There was quite a bit of hard head scratching. I found it worth investing the time needed for these discussions because the issues we examined were right at the core of my role, and because we kept finding ways to improve, including several major ones that I'd never have considered.

What I found most surprising was that yes, we were indeed well run, but we still found a substantial upside."

Drew Morris, Great Numbers! CEO, who guided Roger in the discovery process had these surprising observations:

  • "The emotional energy that this work unleashed in Roger's company was not something I'd really expected. In a one-to-one session, as we were considering a particular action, Roger's jaw dropped. Then he said, 'You know, I've got all these tigers around here who would just love to take this and make something of it. Now I've got something for them to sink their teeth into!' Soon after, they wove that action into their goals and internal structures worldwide.
  • We later met with Roger's direct reports to socialize the six proposed actions, get their buy-in, and assign responsibilities. They all left charged up by what they were undertaking. It was like making fun for them!"

Summing up, Roger said, "I wholeheartedly recommend Great Numbers! technique, and Drew Morris its creator, to any executive who is serious about boosting profits and growth in a major way."

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