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Our executive-development programs are geared to executives with P&L responsibility for a single business (usual title: general manager), to those who want to get into those roles and to business owners. (Business owners and in-place executives should be running a business that generates $30 million (US) or more in revenue.) These are people who:

  1. are indeed “going somewhere,” and are willing to put in the time and effort required to get there. If you’re not serious, and committed, this isn’t for you.
  2. run a business that sells a related group of products or services to a similar group of customers. (This is because our training works intensively on your business’s customer-value proposition and how it’s communicated.
  3. The CEO of a large company typically manages a portfolio of such businesses. Our training is not about portfolio management. If you run several businesses, but have one that you want to work on, then our training will help.)

  4. have a high-functioning group of direct reports, that will “row as one” once they settle on specific actions. Our training will help your team choose the right actions.
  5. whose senior management is “with them” in the effort to improve results, that is, their efforts will be supported, and the rug won’t be pulled.
  6. who are not in financial services (banking, brokerage or insurance). (Our training is not designed for these businesses.)
  7. who are not in “hit-record” businesses.
  8. (A hit-record business (also known as a “blockbuster” business) is one in which all that matters in terms of your results is whether your “record” is selling like hotcakes. If it is, nothing else matters. If it’s not, there’s nothing much we can help you with, except your “hit-finding” process.

    Examples of hit-record businesses: movies, books and recordings, hot areas within technology, and proprietary pharmaceuticals.)

Our programs work for both public or privately-held companies.

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